Intelligent Milllionares Network Club

Make Your First Million, Your First Ten Million, or Your First 100 Million

The Intelligent Millionaires Network, IMN, is not a club, it is the network that will help you make your first million, your first ten million, or your first 100 million in business.

IMN is a global network that starts within your local community.  IMN has chapters all over the world.  From the United States, to Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, we have entrepreneurs and investors from all over who are looking to find deals, partners and/or invest in new business ideas.  Our platform gives you the tools to grow your business in a positive and supportive community of business owners and investors of different calibers.

“We don’t teach how to become successful business owners, we create them.”

Carlos Santos and Jenny Persson are the Club Owners for IMN Copenhagen.

Carlos Santos is a full time serial entrepreneur. His focus turned from being the top within hotel management to real estate operations. Born and raised in Portugal while having roots in Angola has allowed him to appreciate and embrace cultural differences. ​Carlos Santos is today living with his family in Denmark.

Jenny Persson is an entrepreneur focusing on real estate operations. She has also a strong background as a Sales Manager within the airline and travel industry. Born and raised in Sweden with an international mindset from all her traveling worldwide. Jenny Persson is today living in Denmark together with Carlos Santos and their family.